We offer both new and used shipping containers for sale, rent or lease. All used shipping containers for sale are graded according to years of service and overall condition and are priced accordingly.

New shipping containers for sale are generally used once to help keep the cost of shipping from overseas to a minimum; this savings is then passed on to you. If you need to ship overseas, we can take care of you. We can inspect and certify our quality used containers to be shipped overseas.

We also have a variety of 20’ – 40’ new and used shipping containers available for short term or long term rental or leasing. Rental shipping containers are wind and water-tight to provide you with clean, dry storage. Minis, 48’ and 53’ containers may also be available.

Shipping Container Uses

  • Construction Sites
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Renovations
  • Mini Storage Facilities
  • Car Collectors
  • Logging/Oil Field Industry
  • Schools
  • Sporting Events
  • Secondary Confinement
  • Concession Stands
  • Security Shacks
  • Farming

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    With three different types of delivery vehicles we are able to deliver to most locations and can put your used shipping containers or new shipping containers (empty or loaded) on the ground in almost any situation.


    If you would like more information or are interested in setting up an appointment to view our new or used shipping containers, please call 1.800.326.6676 or send us an e-mail.

    6′ Standard Shipping Containers for Sale


    6’ High Cube Shipping Containers for Sale


    20’ Standard Shipping Container for Sale


    40’ Standard Shipping Container for Sale

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